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Our Program is full of valuable resources where you will get to learn a lot from Ancient Knowledge to Modern Practical Techniques which you can apply in your everyday life. We have built an amalgamation of past, present and future knowledge so that individuals of all ages feel connected to what we’re talking  about.

As human beings, during our lives, we often ask ourselves questions like this:

  • Is there a supreme universal organizer?
  • And how would the supreme want me to live in this planet?
  • Where am I going?
  • What is my part in this planet?
  • What will happen to me in this life?
  • Where did I come from?
  • What is the best way to live in this planet?

… and so on.

These are all natural questions that further direct your life. To answer those questions, you have to relax and reach a higher state of consciousness and all the answers will naturally be revealed.

Webinars will help you to find answers to those questions.

The Purpose

The purpose of webinar is to create an earth strong foundation of how you can actually use it in your daily life to enrich yourself and gain that PEACE OF YOUR MIND which is often left lingering in the air as an idea, not a goal. This webinar is especially designed to guide you toward that achievement.

Body Mind Spirit is here to enrich your life spiritually, physically and mentally. We firmly believe that if we uplift ourselves individually and then together, as a collective community, we can uplift and improve the quality of life locally and globally.

This webinar is oriented to train your mind, intelligence, and physical body. With unique activities and approaches, you will be ready to achieve victory at every step in your life with ease and confidence. Through the resources contained in the webinar, Spiros Tsiaousis will convey some life changing experiences with you that made him see the world in a whole new light.


Learn Strategies to Take Control of Your Life and Achieve Your Life’s Purpose

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This project has been developed to enrich people’s lives spiritually, physically and mentally, as well as leading them toward their better and authentic self.



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You are given an opportunity to grab a hold of your life and maintain everlasting  happiness through self-love and self-appreciation.



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At BODY MIND SPIRIT, all healing is essentially a release from fear,
and the main mission is to help YOU achieve greatness by overcoming fear.



The more you think about it, the more it’s obvious that the first step in well-being is realizing that YOU are in charge of and accountable in your journey to either failure or genuine and TRUE SUCCESS with the help of Body Mind Spirit mentorship and programs.




Why You Should Attend Body Mind Spirit Webinar

In our resources, you will find:

  • Extensive knowledge, techniques, strategies, tools that you can use without your phone or computer, things that you have in your mind, in your heart, that you can apply.
  • Different types of word documents, excel sheets, webinars, checklists, activities, daily blueprints, audio recordings, videos and lots of different information to help you in your growth.
  • By following steps in the webinar you will find a new person in your, a person who will be happy, and your happiness will increase continuously every day.
  • You will be provided with all the steps, all the systems and a detailed guide on how to achieve happiness without blindly moving ahead.


Enjoy FREE webinars now and become a part of Body Mind Spirit community

Take steps to become a new and happy person today! During the webinars, the program will include:

  1. Everything will be recorded and placed in the membership area. There will be different levels, so according to the level that you are subscribed to, you’ll be getting the information.
  2. Become a FREE member and advance in learning and activities and reach higher levels of the memberships, which will give you a lifetime access after subscribing or purchasing a course.
  3. You will get a lot of support, and we devote our time for your betterment. Webinars will be constantly updated to make you ready for every new life situation or a problem. In this webinar, a lot of information will be shared as well as questions/answers where you can solve your doubts if you have any.
  4. Join us as we create a foundation and provide you with stable steps to systemize your life. Get the strategies to control your life and emotions to achieve your ambitions. The program will be as quick and effective as you want it to be.


Enjoy free webinars now and once you know and experience the change in you, join our community. We hope you come on board and would love to see you become a member and a better person. Subscribe today to our email list to get the latest updates and valuable information and don’t forget: “ALL YOU NEED TO BE HAPPY IS YOU!” Warmly, Spiros Tsiaousis, Your partner in life’s success!



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One name stands tall behind the success of Body Mind Spirit: Spiros Tsiaousis – Guru, spiritual guide, holistic practitioner, and founder of Body Mind Spirit The youngest of the three siblings, he always knew that he wanted to improve people’s lives and show them a direction to lead a better life. Since a very young age, he understood the concept of the eternal existence of a human being. Here is how Spiros Tsiaousis reflects on his early childhood and beginning of his spiritual journey:

I remember during that service I was looking at the statue of Jesus in the front of the church and then I started pointing at the statue and said to myself “I want to be just like you” and then I repeated again – ”I want to be just like you” and the third time I repeated – ”I want to be just like you.” During that period of my life, I recall I was learning to think for myself and speak a little and walk. It was around the age of 2-3. I was not very developed as a child but I knew the goal of my life.

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I was absolutely inspired and knew my direction in life to become somebody that would do my little part to improve other people’s lives and my own life as well. This special and mystical event created the foundation of my life as I know it today which is in assisting and improving the lives of others in relation to their Body Mind Spirit and helping them to pursue their own goals, dreams, and visions. During my younger years, I used to think a lot about my life, other people’s lives and the environment around me. I use to think a lot about the lives of my family members as well, namely my mother, father, and my two brothers.


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Body Mind Spirit has been developed based on the teachings of Spiros Tsiaousis, life experiences, enlightenment, realizations and mysterious events, as well as the ancient hidden scriptures and scrolls. It also incorporates authorized and highest teachings from around the planet and beyond.

“I realized that I was guided every moment in my life. I was confident that there was a higher power guiding me and inspiring me to take the right steps and actions at any given point. I remember when I was first going to school I was thinking, “what’s the purpose of all this and how will this help us not in this life but in the next?”

I remember at one point in my childhood when I was around three or four years old. I was in the back of my mom and dad’s car and I was thinking about death. I was thinking that how sad it would be if my mother or father were to die. I really thought and thought and thought about this concept and then I thought if this is real then why would we need to worry and be sad and depressed because we’re eternal.

“We could be always blissful, content, peaceful and confident.”


At Body Mind Spirit, we believe that as your body heals physically, there is also need to heal your body spiritually.

Together, with other participants of the webinar, you will work at all the levels of the body. It will begin with resetting the souls which will help you increase awareness to function well and channel all your energy in making you successful. After initial practice, you will be ready for the next step and move forward in achieving your goals.



After some time, Spiros Tsiaousis found eternal Teacher, Master, and Guru. He trained him in the science of self-realisation and knowledge of the absolute in relation to the universal laws which govern, control matter and spirit within the material and spiritual realms. He received the initiation from a spiritual master. He gave him spiritual initiated name “Sudarsana” and was instructed to teach, guide and uplift humanity and the planet.


I was thinking what name my spiritual master would give me and I remembered and thought of a name that he could potentially call me. And the first name that came to my mind was Sudarsana and this name stuck in my mind and soul. I became 100% committed.

So during this ceremony, my Guru called me up and said, “I initiate you and your name is Sudarsana.” I was excited and blissfully shocked at the same time.

Sudarsana means:

“A servant of the all attractive supreme beings” Also it’s the most powerful fire disc weapon of the lord called the “Sudarsana chakra”. Also, Sudarsana creates all the universes, galaxies, eternality, knowledge and bliss in the material and spiritual realms.

After the ceremony, my Guru called me into his room and I discussed this event with him. I said to him that I knew this was my eternal name and he called me this name as though he was reading my mind and heart. And he replied:

“Yes, you were attracted to this name because it was your eternal spiritual name. So I embarked on this journey from birth till today.”

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As human beings, during our lives, we often ask ourselves questions as per below:
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These are all natural questions that further direct your life. To answer those questions, you have to relax and reach a higher state of consciousness and all the answers will naturally be revealed. This Webinar will help you to find answers to those questions.