How to Repair the Relationship with your Partner 1

Love is one of the most precious feelings you can experience in life. There is no other feeling you can compare love with. We fall in love, date, enjoy all the precious moments with beloved person, and make a serious decision to marry. Marriage life begins with being on a honeymoon, experiencing many precious moments of time spent together, celebrating memorable events that eventually turn into routine family life. Marriage turns into a life chain consisting of numerous working days, few weekends, and rare holidays. There seems to be nothing new or special in family life anymore. Both a husband and a wife start noticing each other’s negative sides. Rosy glasses are off and everyone is shown in real. Stinky socks under the bed may infuriate a hardworking wife. A hundred phone calls from a wife during one day can make even the most patient husband irritated. Both begin to understand that even though they have lived years together, they have nothing in common. Moreover, once two people in love have become two strangers sharing the same room.

However, not everyone understands the full value of a family as a union founded on love energy and strong spiritual ties. There is always a person, your spouse, who knows you better than you think, accepts you as you are, forgives every mistake you make, and still loves you. Your spouse may not be telling you how much he or she loves you every day or every hour. The true fire of love once lit is going to be kept despite of rains of conflicts and thunders of anger.

No one is perfect or ideal, so you need to search for positive sides in your partner, praise him/her for that, and be helpful and thankful. If you make an effort and act as a good wife or a husband yourself, your partner will definitely pay you with the same coin. Differences are not the reason for separation, even though they might lead to brief misunderstandings. Try to look at each other’s differences as new ways of discovering your partner and yourself. You may learn each other better appreciating and respecting one another for being different. Stop for a minute and remember the precious moments when your love has been conceived and how happy you both felt during your honeymoon. You are made for each other with your different views and perceptions. However, these differences can be turned into the source of discovering each other, becoming even dearer to each other. Enjoy your love, nurture your delicate and tender relationship, and take care of your partner as you would take care of your only child. Your love, mutual respect and understanding will become only stronger. The fact that you have nothing in common should not become a verdict for separation, but a motivation to learn and love each other even more. The Supreme has blessed you for this union, so be thankful, respectful, caring and loving.